Aurora 2024-05-10/11

Unfortunately I was away for this most spectacular aurora, so was not able to take any photos - however the automated cameras did capture some of the display.

I have a north facing camera which is good for most bright aurora, but this aurora was so active that there was not much to see there. All the exciting displays were seen towards the south.

I have a meteor watch camera too, which does face south, and it captured really interesting activity, but in black and white.

This is a shot of the aurora from the meteor camera - there were only two meteors captured over the night but one coincided with the aurora niclely.

20240510 23:41 UT

20240510 23:41 UT

Here is the overnight timelapse from the meteor camera.

And here is the overnight timelapse from the aurora camera.

A remarkable night of the northern lights seen from Orkney to the south of England and even further south. One of the best displays for a very long time. The nights are now getting too light from 59 degrees north now for seeing aurorae but the noctilucent cloud season will hopefully be starting soon to give some summer entertainment.