Rehosting Starlight Nights

In the interests of making life simpler, I've moved my website to a hosted solution on Mythic Beasts.

I've also moved from Wordpress to Hugo. Hugo is a static website builder - basically you write your website in Markdown files and Hugo runs and creates the pages. Then they are uploaded to the web host. Being static the site should be both quicker and more secure.

It will take a while to transfer content from the old site, and some will never get moved. But going forward I hope to have some more regular updates and new content here.

Hugo vs. Jekyll

So I looked at and tried out Jekyll first - however I found Jekyll quite a pain to install onto MacOS, and also the templates were not quite so comfortable to update. Hugo was a much easier install, had many good themes available, and seemes much more straight-forward out of the box. I was able to use a Workpress to Jekyyl export tool to dump out the old Wordpress site, and the markdown files out of that are pretty usable with Hugo though each file does need some updating.