Supernova SN2020ue 2019017

A quick imaging session on iTelescope T21 resulted in this image of the supernova in NGC 4636.

SN2020ue on 2019 Jan 17.

SN2020ue on 2019 Jan 17.

The supernova seems brighter than at discovery, by comparison with the star to thge below left in this image. I'm not altogether sure how to measure the magnitudes of these stars. Using the star at below left the GAIA ‘green’ magnitude is 12.6 (or so), perhaps. More accurate measurements are needed.

For reference the star below left is in the GAIA catalogue:

Field Value
ra_epoch 2000190.72080436300
dec_epoch 20002.63701297856
errHalfMaj 0.001
errHalfMin 0.001
errPosAng 90
source_id 3703341636946605952
ra 190.72091059418
ra_error 0.0359
dec 2.63693339291
dec_error 0.0289
parallax 2.0533
parallax_error 0.0468
pmra 24.647
pmra_error 0.076
pmdec -18.484
pmdec_error 0.045
duplicated_source 1
phot_g_mean_flux 1.66713e+05
phot_g_mean_flux_error 5.60570e+01
phot_g_mean_mag 12.633442
phot_bp_mean_flux 9.06055e+04
phot_bp_mean_flux_error 1.34149e+02
phot_bp_mean_mag 12.958501
phot_rp_mean_flux 1.11405e+05
phot_rp_mean_flux_error 1.32209e+02
phot_rp_mean_mag 12.144658
bp_rp 0.813843
radial_velocity 4.79
radial_velocity_error 7.65
teff_val 5839.00
a_g_val 0.0955
e_bp_min_rp_val 0.0525
radius_val 1.22
lum_val 1.556

Will be interesting to see how this SN develops over the next few weeks.