A first go at EAA

Another clear night and a first go at Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA).

Galaxy Messier 81.

Galaxy Messier 81.

EAA is something I have been interested in ever since I had my eye trouble in 2017/18. I was never quite sure I would be able to see as well as I had before.

While still in the process of commissioning the new mount and telescope systems in the observatory, I thought I would take advantage of a clear night to try a bit of EAA.

Equipment list

  • Celestron C11 with F6.3 reducer
  • Losmandy G11 mount
  • ZWO ASI 290MM Mini camera
  • Indigosky Raspberry Pi
  • Cloudmakers Astroimager and Astrotelescope
  • Post processing using Jocular

Each image here is stack of 10 sub-exposures of 10s

Neither of these images will win prizes - but it was quite satisfying to get anything recognisable.

Galaxy Messier 82.

Galaxy Messier 82.

M81 does not have much structure, though a dark lane is apparent.
M82 does look like M82!

Next time will take some dark frames which might improve the noise.